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How to participate ?


Share your most beautiful experience of Olivet and its river using the hashtag #olivetetsariviere on Instagram or Facebook and win our billboard photo prize!


Simple, just share/post a picture of your most memorable experience in Olivet and its river using the hashtag #olivetetsariviere on Instagram or inbox your cliché/snapshot on the Camping Olivet Facebook page : between 15th April and 31st May 2018.

Only one photo per participant. You could also send your photo to us via mail by completing the entry form.


The pictures would be circulated/broadcasted on the campsite’s Facebook page and the three, which would attract the most ‘likes’, would be rewarded immensely; and would be printed on big banners to decorate the camping site. In order to be able to print out the best quality, we advise to digitize your photo in JPEG format and with a resolution of 300dpi.


Winners would be offered

  • First prize : air balloon flight
  • Second prize : Lunch / Diner for 2 at Restaurant “Pavillon Bleu”
  • Third prize : Carton of local Beers



Discover the list of detailed awards in the rules of the competition #olivetetsariviere.

Do not hesitate to send a mail to if you have any complementary question.


We would like to thank all our partners in this event:



Competition #olivetetsariviere by Camping d’Olivet

Article 1: The Organization in charge of this Camping Olivet competition, represented by Agnès Guisembert, the manager and being the one organizing this free competition, is hereby declared as the organizer of the event.


Article 2: Camping Olivet is organizing a grand photo competition. Participants are invited to share their original photos on Instagram via the hashtag #olivetetsariviere; or on the Camping Facebook page or send to the following email address: info@camping-olivet between 15th April and 31 May 2018. The photos will be diffused/broadcasted on our Facebook page, and the three most liked photos will be rewarded with a prize. These will also be printed on large banners to decorate the camping site. Therefore, in order to get a printer-clear quality of the pictures, participants are encouraged to put their snapshots (cliché) in a JPEG format with a 300dpi resolution.

Participation in this game implies consent to the rules of the game in its integrality, stated below <<Terms and Conditions of Competition>>. 2-1 : Access to the competition ‘ Le jeu-concours’ is open to everyone via the following URL link : , as well as on Instagram : and on Facebook


Article 3: Date and length of the competition takes place from 15/04/2018 à 11h to 31/05/2018 midnight. The organizer reserves the right to extend or prolong the deadline and to announce in any such case.

Article 4: Terms and Conditions of participation

4-1 Conditions of participation in the event is open to all capable adults who are resident within the European Economic Community. The following are however, not inclusive nor allowed to participate in this competition: event organizers as well as their family members, relatives of partners, workers or sub-auspices of the organizer. Participation is limited to one-time/once, and one photo per participant during the proceedings of the competition.

4-2 Validity of participation is done by email; the participants must submit their projects in JPEG or PNG (300dpi) format. In sending their photos, they must mention their first and surnames. The information based on their identity, their address, or other starred-spaces to be filled-out, but which are seen as inexact/incomplete information risk being nullified of the participation. The organizer reserves the right to eliminate, upon deliberation of the jury, all projects submitted by a participant who does not conform to the rules, all files which are found not valid as well as all projects which incite hatred or discrimination.


Article 5: Selection of winners - The outcome of the competition. All projects which would not be submitted in the required format, which would deliver any message contrary to that of the event or incite hatred or discrimination would be considered as null and void; and as such, will not be presented nor taken into account.


Article 6: Selection of prize - The grand prize of the competition.  << #olivetetsariviere >> will bring along the following prize:

Article 7: Information or publication of the names of the winners. The winners will be informed by mail to their address communicated when they submitted their photos or via their inbox on Instagram. The name of the winner will be put online on the site of the game and the result of the game/competition will be published on the social networks.

Article 8: Presentation or withdrawal of prizes at the postal address communicated by the participants. If the winner(s) did not provide the necessary information permitting to inquire their postal address, the winner(s) will be invited by mail or by SMS to provide this information in order to permit the organizer to deliver the prize. After 14 days if there is still no response from the participant, the prize will be lost. It would be given to another participant selected by the jury arriving in ascending order.

Article 8-1: Incorrect electronic address, incorrect postal address: (information by mail) If the electronic address is incorrect or does not correspond to that of the winner, or if other reasons linked to technical problems do not permit the correct transmission of the email announcement, the organizer would not under any circumstances be held responsible. Also, it is not in the bid of the organizer to research the coordinates of winners, and thus the organizer would not be held liable to any errors if the participant’s clarity of expression is poor.

Article 8-2: Prizes not retrieved: The winner who would be difficult to reach in order to provide his/her address or does not respond nor confirm within 14 days from the date the prize is sent out, cannot, in any circumstances, reclaim any prize, nor damages nor compensation of any nature in whichever way. The prize attributed to a winner is personal and is not transmissible to another. Moreover, the prize cannot in any way be debated nor disputed by the winner, neither can it be exchanged for any form of liquid compensation.

Article 9: Promotional operations: Once there is an agreement of participation in this competition, participants hereby authorize the organizer to use their pictures or photos for an undetermined period of time, and this, at the end promotional (not finance-binding) in the context of use for promotional purposes of the next the edition, without which this reproduction does not give way to any form of payment or compensation; other than the prize won, to the one whose photo would be used. The Camping Olivet engages itself to howbeit give copyright credit for all future patronage of photos of participants.

Article 10: Individual-related Data: The individual-related data received within the context of participation in the competition are saved and used by the organizer for the needs of their participation and at the attribution of their gains/profits, then recovered for communication purposes on the present competition. In conformity to the law <<Loi Informatique et Liberté>> of 6th January 1978, the participants benefit from a right of access, of rectification or of radiation of information concerning them. Every demand would have to be channeled via the organizer’s postal address mentioned in the article 1.

Article 11: Responsibility – the participant acknowledges and accepts that the unique obligation of the organizer in accordance with the game is to submit to the jury the photos obtained, under the reserve that his/her participation must conform to the terms and conditions of rules; and hand over prize to winner, according to the criteria and modalities defined in the present rules. The organizer would not have to be held responsible - on the basis of limitation of this list, which could be prone to all technical faults - material or software of any nature, the risks of contamination by eventual viruses circulating the network and the absence of viral protection of certain data against eventual hacking. The participation in the game implies the knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and the limitation of the internet concerning technical performances, the time of response for consultation, that for interrogation or to transfer of information.

Article 12: Case of Emergency / reserves: The responsibility of the organizer would have to be incurred if, for a case of emergency or independent of his will, the game would have to be modified or cut-short/ended abruptly/cancelled. The organizer reserves the sole right to proceed to all verification that he/she finds useful, relative to respect of rules, notably to dismiss all participants having effectuated an inexact declaration, a lie or fraudulent act.

Article 13: Litigation/dispute/disagreement/contention: The regulation is determined by the French Law. All difficulty of application or of interpretation of the regulation will be judged/decided exclusively by the organizer. It will by no means be responded to, any demand or telephone reclaim concerning the application or the interpretation of the present regulation. All protest or complaint relative to the game/competition would have to be directed via mail to the address of the organizer. No protest would be taken into account eight days after the closing of the present/current game/competition.


Article 14 : Submission and consultation of the rules: The present regulation and the list of prices are published on the site A copy of the regulation can be asked for, from the organizer.