Health and Safety


1. Respecting the recommendations of the health authorities and the hygiene plan put in place by professionals in the open-air hospitality industry.

2. Training our team in the protective measures and hygiene protocols and providing them with protective equipment.

3. Setting up signage reminding people of the protective measures and social distancing recommendations as well as new circulation systems in the public areas of the sites (reception, washrooms, etc.).

4. Providing hydroalcoholic gel, or soap for our customers and teams in the main communal areas, and raising people’s awareness about the areas where most contact occurs.

5. Carrying out rigorous and meticulous virucidal cleaning of the communal areas and washrooms several times a day, and of the accommodation at each change of clients, in accordance with the hygiene plan.

6. Favor internet bookings to limit the traffic at the reception desk.

7. In the case of symptoms, requesting our employees and customers stay at home.


8. Applying the reinforced, specific health and hygiene safety and access instructions for all our services: take-away food or on-site catering, etc. in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.


9. Even if the sanitary situation get better, the shared room and the urinal will stay closed


We have closed off facilities that do not allow social distancing to be respected : urinals

We have put in place a circulation system by creating a separate entrance and exit to the building.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning from one to five times a day and adapted our cleaning and disinfection procedures.

We have made it possible for anyone to carry out additional cleaning of any contact surfaces (door handles, taps, shower heads, toilet seats, etc.) using disinfectant and paper that we provide.

We are informing everyone about the hygiene rules that need to be respected, namely:


* Respecting preventative measures and wearing masks
* Not standing around in the corridors of the washrooms: if necessary, waiting outside while respecting a social distance of 1 metre.
* For everyone’s safety, upon entering the washrooms, washing your hands with soap or disinfecting them with the hydroalcoholic gel that has been provided.

Our team is happy to welcome you for a peaceful stay